Wall Installation > 2022

My body of work is strongly influenced by the incredible Tyrrehenian Sea that surrounds Naples, an ancient city in Southern Italy where I now reside. When the weather permits, I spend a lot of my days on our boat to discover the incredible sites that being at sea provides. I am swallowed up by the energy coming from the movement of the waves, the colors, the light and the reflection. Those extraordinary moments gave me the inspiration to abstractly interpret what I was seeing and feeling when looking at the waves. The process of visualizing that energy on paper is made just with one sepia pen by building up layers of spontaneous, gestural marks that are different from one another. Some marks are slow and long, others are fast and barely present. None of the marks are preplanned; they are immediate. Through this build-up, the marks become fluid while suggesting movement and space. With the repetition of the marks, I unconsciously create a liberating, meditative rhythm which takes me back to my time at sea.

Artist Statement